Interclub Competition: John Perkins has agreed to be our judge for this competition. He will go to Whangarei on the night to critique the photos.  It was agreed a few laptops will run as slideshows showing all the images entered. These will run from the start of the evening, before the formal part starts.  Our Secretary is contacting Whangarei to check our requirements for the evening, if they have arranged the booking of the Hall.

Club Meetings:  Doug remarked that we cancelled the June meeting due to the fact that Kerikeri members could not attend that night and Kaikohe members are few and far between. This brought about discussion if it is worth while continuing meetings at Kaikohe. The meeting unanimously  agreed it would be more beneficial for the Club to have one central place at Kerikeri where projector and screen etc can be stored.

Jill moved a motion that Camera Club would be held at Kerikeri (if available) from now on.  Coral Seconded this.

Coral to confirm availability of Cherry Park house for the rest of this year


Date: 14th August 2014, Cherry Park House, Landing Rd, Kerikeri.

Time: 6.00pm 

NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP to be held before meeting starts at  Bring ideas and props for night shooting.                                           

August Competition Subject:  Vintage

Keep sending in photos for the Interclub competition, Night Photography. They can be emailed to Denis.



Kerikeri Library Display: A sub-committee of Irene, Coral, Jill, Gordon, Suzanne and John has been formed and will meet on Wednesday 14th at the Library at 2p.m.   Noel Leeming has agreed to sponsor 2 TV’s for the display.

Irene suggested that we should be using the club email and is going to update the website.

Monthly Competition: Impressionism. There were a lot of interesting photos submitted. They can be viewed on the Club Website.

Jill gave a presentation of how to use presentation software called Pro Show. Jill edits her photos in Lightroom then exports them into Pro Show as jpg. files.  She then showed us how to make a presentation.

Night Photography Photos for the interclub completion. If anyone has any ideas for night photography or would like to organise a night photography shoot email Grace and she will forward emails to club members.

Reminders for our June meeting.

12th June 2014. Senior Citizens Hall, Tawanui Rd, Kaikohe.  7p.m.

Competition Subject: Reflections

Keep sending in photos for the Interclub competition, Night Photography. They can be emailed to Denis.

Bring along any prints that can be used in the display at the Kerikeri Library. Also digital images and short video clips can be emailed to Jill at <>


Club Members names were submitted to organise a display of our photography to promote our Club at the Kerikeri Library, from the 7th July 2014 for 2 weeks.                                                

Names submitted for the sub-committee were Irene, Coral, Gordon, Suzanne, Sheryl and Jill. As Suzanne, Sheryl and Jill were not at the meeting they will have to confirm that they can be on the sub-committee.  

Doug has approached Noel Leeming and they are keen on helping with the library presentation by way of lending TV’s. They think digital frames are too low a resolution to give a good display.

Last month Jill extended an invitation to Camera club members for lunch at Wharepuke Accommodation on Friday 21st March. Those who wanted to stay for a photography session after lunch should bring their Camera and laptop. There was a good turnout for this.

We received an email from PSNZ with information on a trip to Tiritiri Matangi on the 22nd June. No one was able to go to this.

Lynnis is planning a trip to Tiritiri Matangi in November. If anyone is interested in going with her in November please let her know.

Reminders for our May meeting.

8th May 2014. Cherry Park House, Landing Rd, Kerikeri at 7p.m.

Competition Subject: Impressionism

Keep sending in photos for the Interclub competition, Night Photography. They can be emailed to Denis.

Jill is going to show us how she puts together her slide show presentations using Pro Show (for PC) and Doug is going to show us 2 programmes, imovie and Key note, that are used on Mac computers.

MARCH 2014 NEWSLETTER  (taken from March minutes)

Irene was going to find out if we could put a display of our photography at the Kerikeri Library, and has booked the display corner for us from the 7th July 2014 for 2 weeks. It was suggested that we form a sub-committee to organise the display, and to contact Shaun Riley to find out if he had any old images that we could use in the display.

The Committee has set the programme for the year. This can be viewed on our website.

Jill extended an invitation to Camera club members for lunch at Wharepuke Accommodation on Friday 21st March. Those who wanted to stay for a photography session after lunch should bring their Camera and laptop.

Denis showed us how he cleaned scanned slides that had mould and dust on them, using lightroom and photoshop. This was very interesting and informative. 

Reminders for our April meeting. 10th April 2014. Senior Citizens Hall, Tawanui Rd, Kaikohe at 7p.m.

We need to form a sub-committee to organise the display at the Kerikeri Library.

Competition Subject: Peaceful

We need to be making a start on the Interclub competition, Night Photography. If anyone has photos for this competition they can also be emailed to Denis.


At our February meeting there was discussion on ways to improve our photography as we did not do well in the Northern Regional Interclub Competition

The programme for monthly competitions had not been set for the year. It was decided that the subject for our March meeting would be ‘Marine’ (anything to do with the sea).

The Treasurer reported that there were accounts to be paid for Webhosting and Domain Name and PSNZ Subscription.

It was suggested that our website be changed to include more information on the front page. Irene will update the website.

Irene was going to find out if we could put a display of our photography at the Kerikeri Library, and will report back next month.

Reminders for our March meeting at Cherry Park House, Landing Road, Kerikeri at 7p.m.

Competition Subject: Marine (anything to do with the sea)

We need to be making a start on the Interclub competition, Night Photography. If anyone has photos for this competition they can also be emailed to Denis.

Denis is going to demonstrate how to clean old slides and prepare them for print once they are scanned.


PRESENT      John A, Vin, Jill, Suzanne, Anthony, Denis, Diane, Alan,            

                        Coral, Irene and Doug.

APOLOGIES    Lynnis, Dot, Shaun, John P.  

TROPHIES PRESENTED                

Novice most points                                            John Aish

Intermediate most points                                  Jenny         

Best Black and White                                        Irene

Best Landscape                                                Irene

Best Portrait                                                      Coral         

Best Colour                                                      Coral                  

Salon most points                                            Coral

Avis Mountain Trophy                                       Coral


        President                                                             Doug                        

        Vice President                                                    Denis

        Secretary                                  Grace

        Treasurer                                 Alan

        Publicity Officer / Web Designer                        Irene

        Social Co-ordinator  (Split this year as separate    Coral

                     position from  Publicity Officer / Web Designer)

        Technical Advisor                                            Denis

        Judging Panel    Jill, Denis, Alan,

                  Honarary Judge                                                  John Perkins

Outside Judges –

            It was suggested that we procure ‘Outside Judges’ at least twice through the year.   This was agreed upon unanimously.   

            Local photographers may be prepared to do this if approached.    Doug to follow this up.

Club gmail Account -

            Denis suggested the Club instigate its own gmail account.    Irene to follow this up.

30 Year Anniversary -

            Diane raised the subject of the Club’s 30 year Anniversary this coming year.

            Jill suggested an Exhibition Day to be held to commemorate the 30 years, although, realizing this would take a lot of organizing.

            Irene suggested putting a display in the front Library window to give the Club more publicity.   

            We could get a few images from our three Life Members (Dot Harris, Shaun Riley and Avis Mountain), plus images taken by our current                                           

           members. Irene will follow up this suggestion with the Library staff.

Membership -

            Vin suggested tidying up our membership list due to the large number who have not participated, nor paid subs over recent years.  

            It was agreed that an email should go out to all of these, asking if they want to remain on our Distribution List.    By remaining on the

            list they can keep in touch and consider attending meetings or outings of interest.   Grace to follow up.

Image Sizes -

            The subject of ‘Image Size’ was raised again, and it has now been decided to use the new sizing stipulated by PSNZ for all our images

            including our monthly subject images.    The following was printed in the May/June NZ Camera Talk:

“The new limits for digitally projected images are now a maximum of 1620 pixels on the horizontal side and a maximum of 1080 pixels on the vertical side.   Please note that these are maximums only and you can resize your images to any dimensions you like within those limits. E.g. 1620 x 1080 pixels for 3:2 landscape format, 1080 x 1080 pixels if you want a square format etc.”

         Irene will put an example of this on our website.  Click here


There is no ‘photo subject’ this month, but just a reminder for next year.

The 13th February is our first meeting for 2014 and the subject is ‘Photo Journalism.’  

The Interclub subject for 2014 is   -

NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY – No camera controlled lighting

         No sunrises or sunsets

         No image older than 18 months

                                                 (Image must have been taken after the 1st May 2013.)

Over the holidays if we keep these two subjects in mind, it should result in plenty of images for the Judges to consider.


PresidentDoug Dysart402 5966

Vice PresidentDenis Wilford401 1871

SecretaryCoral Moller407 8148

TreasurerAlan Watkins407 7086

Publicity Officer/Social Co-ordinator/

   Web DesignerIrene Dysart402 5966

Technical AdvisorDenis Wilford401 1871

Judging PanelDenis Wilford

Jill Lancaster

Alan Watkins

Honorary JudgeJohn Perkins


Present:-   Doug, Coral, Denis, Irene, Shaun, Vin, Jill, Alan, Roger, Jenny and Sheryl.

Apologies:-   Lynnis, Grace, Anthony, Suzanne, John A . and Diane.


Doug thanked Grace for all the time and effort she had put into organizing our section of the Waimate Show.   It was much appreciated by us all Grace, as we all realize this was something that could have come to an end if you had not put your hand up.  Thanks again.


As our Club will be the hosts of the 2014 meeting, it was up to us to nominate the subject for next year.   NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY was chosen, but a few rules have now been added.

Doug Proposed the following –




                                       (Images must have been taken after the 1st May 2013.)

Seconded – Coral.

The above has been sent out to all participating clubs.


Eight images are being chosen by the Judges to enter into the above competition.

If we all keep trying, you never know how we might do!!!

Our next meeting is the AGM.    It will be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday 12th December at Cherry Park House in Kerikeri.

For our newer members, we make this a ‘POT LUCK DINNER’ with everyone bringing a plate to share.

As I am definitely standing down from my position as Secretary for 2014, I just hope someone will be prepared to take this on.    I will give as much support as needed, but as 2014 looks a pretty full-on year for me, I’m afraid this is how it has to be.


Printed images for the end of the year trophies was our first discussion subject.     Please submit them at next Thursday’s meeting.





The Avis Mountain Trophy is decided by the Judges for ‘Excellence in Photography’    An overall view of the images presented through the year.

The Interclub meeting held in Whangarei was attended by eight members from our Club.    I am afraid to say our results were not good, but who knows – maybe next year????    Jenny attained the highest marks for the Club, with her image of ‘House on the Prairie’.   

Our trip away to the Gannets at Murawai and Gibb’s Farm was a most enjoyable experience.     Seven members and their partners and friends had one (or two) days of non-stop photography.

Some members and partners also found a wonderful smaller sculpture garden which also produced some great shots.   

Could all those members who were included in this group, please bring along your FIVE best images to show at next week’s meeting.    Better still, send your best five to Denis – Marked TRIP AWAY.

This month’s subject is “Architecture” - Geometry, Shadows, Patterns and Textures.

This is the last subject for the year as our December meeting will be our AGM with a Pot-luck dinner.

Because Lightroom is proving such an interest, we will continue on with another session, so please bring your laptops once more.

Just a suggestion, maybe we could all start with the same ‘untouched’ image and then have a look at the results.


These must be returned next Thursday to enable the engraving to be done.

November meeting will be held at Kaikohe.

Visit to Gibbs Farm, Kaipara 24th October, 2013


Doug informed us that the Interclub entries have been forwarded to and received by the Wellsford Club for judging.

Just a reminder, the Interclub evening is on Thursday 17th October 2013 at 7.15pm at the St. Johns Building, 43 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei.

As you can see, October is turning into a busy month.

  Our next meeting10th October at Kerikeri

Interclub meeting17th October

Trip to Gannet Colony and

     Gibb’s Farm23/24th October.

Doug reminded everyone to start preparing their PRINTED submissions for our end of year trophies.   Images submitted during the year may be re-submitted as a trophy entry (either the same or altered). Trophy images must have been taken within 18 months at time of submission.

These entries to be submitted by the November meeting.

They are as follows:-





Other trophies which may be presented for work done during the year are:

AVIS MOUNTAIN TROPHY (Excellence in photography)

                    MNCC Trophy  (Most points Intermediate)

                    MNCC Trophy  (Most points Novice)


As the Lightroom presentation by Denis was enjoyed so much at the September meeting, many members have asked for it to be repeated.     Denis has agreed to give a quick brush over of what has already been covered, and then a few more detailed lessons which would be most beneficial to us all.   Thanks Denis.    Because of this, don’t forget to bring your laptops.

The subject for the October meeting is – DOORS, ENTRANCES AND GATES

The subject for our November meeting, which will be the last for the year, is ARCHITECTURE - e.g. GEOMETRY, SHADOWS, PATTERNS AND TEXTURES.

BAY OF ISLANDS SHOW -  Time to get your entries ready! For schedule click here  Bay of Islands show schedule


At this meeting we chose our subject for the 2014 Interclub Competition. The chosen subject will be announced at this year’s Interclub evening.

It has been suggested that many of our images are not getting the appropriate editing they deserve.      Therefore, at this months meeting, all those who own laptops please bring them along, and between Denis and Doug I’m sure we will all have a lot more knowledge by the end of the evening.

Jill then gave us a presentation on her recent trip to Fiji.   Thanks for that Jill.

Splash of Colour and Open images were then viewed.

A reminder for the September meeting on the 12th Sept. at Kaikohe, the subject is Sports/Action.

Looking ahead, the subject for our 10th October meeting is Doors, Entrances and Gates.

The Interclub Competition at Whangarei is on the 17th October.   Subject – Abandoned or Not Working.

Please keep in mind, the proposed trip to Alan Gibb’s farm on the 24th October.    This will be further discussed closer to the time.


This meeting was exceptionally quiet with our President being away on family business and many of our stalwarts not being able to attend.

Our main aim at this meeting was to go through our Abandoned or Old images and to attempt to choose the best 10 – 12.

This has now been followed up by a Committee/Judges meeting to finalise the ten best, and to give each image a title.    Doug will bring you all up-to-date at our August 8th meeting on the finals chosen.

Also at our August meeting the subject for the next Interclub Competition (which is our turn to host) has to be chosen.

As you are all aware the subject for this meeting is Splash of Colour.    Hopefully we will have more entries this month, as only two members participated last month.

Grace is going to give us a rundown on the changes etc. which have been made to the Photography Section at the Waimate North Show in November.

Thanks so much Grace for all the work you have put into these changes.    The changes will bring our section more up-do-date, and more inline with other exhibitors.

The subject for our September meeting is Sport/Action, which will be held at Kaikohe.


In the President’s May report we were encouraged to start giving titles to our competition entries.     We attempted to give titles to our June entries, but I think we would all agree we have a long way to go before we are proficient at this.   Keep thinking about this, and if you can come up with a good title, please tell us when your image is being shown.


The 15th August is the deadline for having our Interclub Competition images into the judges, therefore please send in any new entries we might not have seen as yet.

Doug has suggested we look through these images and maybe select the 8 – 10 best images.    Also making recommendations/suggestions where there is room for improvement.

The number of entries for our June Macro/Closeup Competition was disappointing.   If everybody tried to submit just one image each month  it would make our competitions more interesting.

July’s subject is “LIQUIDS”  and August  is ‘Splash of Colour’

The meeting this month is at Kaikohe 11th July at 7 pm.


Doug read through the Survey he had received re the On-line Judge we had used last month.    It was agreed we would have liked more ‘levels’ of judging instead of the three levels used.        Not Accepted – Accepted and Honours.

We were happy with all other aspects and this gives us another option for later use.

Over the last few weeks Roger has tuned in to the National Programme, and he heard an interesting report on the history of Kodak.    Anyone interested to learn  more about this old, renown company, could discuss this with Roger.

Image size was then discussed.     When the new size for competition images was released (1920 x 1080 pxl)  I realized you have to change the ratio settings in your camera.    After changing the ratio size from  3 : 4 to 16 : 9, this new size was then possible to achieve.    Denis has now confirmed our projector does not handle this new size, so therefore the 1024 x 768 pxl. will now stand for our own competition images.

Denis also advised that Photoshop CS6 is going to be the last Photoshop programme that can be purchased.     In future it will only be available by subscription.

At our June meeting Alan is going to run a ‘Portrait Workshop’ so therefore Cameras and Tripods (if you have one) will help you to learn more.    As this all takes extra time, a 7 pm start is necessary.    If we can all aim at getting there by 6.45 – 6.50 it would be appreciated.

We have also booked Cherry Park House for another ‘Sunday Workshop.’    It will be run similar to our last workshop at this venue – taking images (outside if weather permits) until lunchtime, and then inside on laptops going over Photoshop/Lightroom/Apple IPhoto/Elements etc. to process some of our images which were taken in the morning.     The date for this will be Sunday the 16th June.

The subject for our July meeting is LIQUIDS.    Do not forget the Internet is a good place to start for great ideas.

The June meeting will be at Cherry Park House Kerikeri with a 7 pm sharp, starting time.


Doug advised he has organized an On-line Judge for our images, which will be very interesting to get the first results.

More suggestions were put forward to widen our choice for ‘Close-up of an Eye.’    See Doug’s March report for the new ideas.

The Treena Packer Salver was discussed and hopefully we will get a lot more members participating this year.

Anthony then showed us his Timelapse Photography which was most enjoyable.   Thanks Anthony for giving such an interesting presentation.   If anyone wants to see more of Anthony’s fascinating images, go to Youtube and type in Anthony 851.

We then viewed our March and Open Images.    We also went over the Abandoned or Old images with a few that had been worked on from the previous month.

As we had a bit of time to spare, Denis showed us a selection of images taken by Ansel Adams.

Interest has been shown in having another ‘portrait’ lesson.    Alan has agreed to do this at our June meeting.

The subject for our May meeting is ‘Pathway to Somewhere.’    Keep an eye out for any interesting pathways you may come across between now and then, and hopefully that way we may get a lot more entries.  

The April meeting is at Kerikeri, at Cherry Park House.


Quite a good number for our first meeting of the year, although we did miss not seeing our newcomers.

Doug is going to go ahead with procuring an on-line judge for as many monthly competitions as possible.    This was moved by Coral and seconded by Grace.

The Waimate North Show was raised, but this will be decided at our next Committee Meeting.

Anthony offered to do a presentation at our March meeting on ‘Time Lapse’ photography.    Thanks for the offer Anthony.

It was brought to our attention the subject for this year’s Interclub competition is ‘Abandoned or Old’   Not Abandoned or Not Working.     This gives us a wider range for our subject.    Irene was checking this out as there still appears to be some doubt.

Thanks to all those who submitted an image for this  Interclub Competition, although it has to be said, not everyone participated.    Please keep them coming every month, and then we will be able to feel proud of our entry, and not just scraping them up at the last minute.

The entries this month were critiqued with many suggestions as to how they can be improved.    Hopefully at our March meeting we will be able to see an updated version presented again.

Our Night Photography images were then viewed, followed by the Open images.

Denis then gave a presentation on Depth of Field.    Thanks Denis for making this so interesting with all your exampled etc.

Jill gave a presentation on the photographer Connie Imbodens.    Jill chose this photographer as she felt she was so different from the norm.    A photographer that put real heart into her work and one that really thinks outside the square.    Thanks Jill.    It is always good to get more food for thought.

This month our meeting is at Kaikohe.    Hope to see everyone there with at least one ‘Abandoned’ image.


Thanks so much to all those who submitted new ideas for our monthly subjects this year.  A special thanks to our new members.  That was great to have your input.

After much discussion, the subjects were chosen at our first Committee Meeting and I hope they will give you all food for thought. If some of them appear too challenging, go into the Internet and I am sure you will find many different ideas there.

At our Committee Meeting the subject of Photo Manipulation was discussed. To keep abreast with other clubs, Photo Manipulation is officially an acceptable practice. For those who do not have Photoshop or Lightroom etc. there are ‘free’  Photo Manipulation sites on the internet that can be downloaded. Piccassa is one such site, but at the moment Adobe has got CS2 as a free download. The link for that is:   I do not know how long this will be available, so if anyone is interested it would pay to go ahead with this ASAP. If that doesn’t work try  here

In a previous email I gave you the new size for projected images.    Denis has advised the old or new sizes are acceptable for our monthly competitions.

The Old size was 1024px x 768px      and the New size is 1920px x 1080 px.


The subject for the next Interclub Competion is ‘Abandoned or Not Working”   Last year we really struggled to get enough images to choose from because it was all left until the last minute.

This year we want to be pro-active, and ask each and every member to submit at least one image per month on this subject.    By October we will then have a  good amount to choose from.    We see this as the only way we will ever have a chance to win this competition.

At our first meeting for 2013, at Kerikeri on the 14th February, Denis is going to give us a presentation on ‘Depth of Field.’    It is always good to go over these basic photography skills, and so important we give our new members all the help we can.

Any member who wishes to bring their camera along, will then be able to physically adjust their settings as Denis goes through this procedure.    Hands-on is always the best way to learn.

To add something new to our monthly meetings, Doug has suggested someone (starting with committee members) choose a professional photographer each month, and give a presentation on their methods to procure the images they require .    Jill has agreed to take up the challenge and is going to give us a ten minute presentation on the Photographer Anne Geddes.    What her aim is, what her challenges are etc. etc.

Hope to see you all at our meeting on the 14th February 2013 at Cherry Park House, Kerikeri.

December AGM and Pot Luck Dinner

Members enjoyed a relaxed AGM and social evening at Kaikohe.                  

right: Doug and Denis organizing presentation of trophies

below left: Vin receiving “Best Landscape” award

below right: Secretary  Coral receiving flowers in appreciation for all her work

See ‘Best Pics’ page for winning images


November Newsletter

The end of the year is coming fast with so many things to do, hence the low turnout this month.

First up we discussed the Amended Task Sheet we are going to use for our Workshop on Sunday 25th November.    Jill suggested one more task that could be added, but this will be discussed with Doug, and maybe replace one of the macro tasks with Jill’s suggestion.

The images for the monthly subject Blurred or Panned were then shown.    With so many people away the number of images were down also.

Denis completed the evening with a presentation on ‘Photoshop.’    Denis of course made this most enjoyable and really showed just how simple, but interesting, Photoshop can be.

Please keep Sunday 25th November free for our workshop.    The more that come, the more we can learn from each other.

Our AGM meeting will be on December 13th at Kaikohe.   Please bring a plate for the Pot Luck Dinner, and do not forget the early start time of 6 pm.

October Newsletter


All trophies to be handed in by November meeting

Printed entries for Trophies to be completed and handed in by November meeting

The Trophy subjects are Landscape, Portrait, Colour  and Black and White.  Images submitted during the year may be re-submitted as a trophy entry (either the same or altered).  All trophy entries are to be printed and should be mounted on stiff backing and must be tabled by 7:30 p.m. Maximum photo size is A4, not including backing.

You must be a current financial member to take active part in club competitions.
Don’t forget to put details on back of image.  Competition, your member number, make of camera and settings used.

Workshop at Cherry Park House, Kerikeri on Sunday 25th November

From 10.00am - 3.00pm Bring your lunch etc. and laptops if you have one.

New Members:- 

Nicki Curtis and Sheryl Neal.

Welcome to our two new potential members.    Hope you both enjoyed the evening and will become full members in the New Year.

Waimate North Show:

For entry form click here

To date we have got sponsorship from the following businesses.

Overall Prize – Fullers Great Sights

People at work and play – Digisub

Child Study – Paihia Photographic

Landscape/Seascape – Unichem Pharmacy

Black and White/Sepia (open)   Kaikohe Photographic Centre

Colour – (open)

Children’s Section  (Money taken from Entry Fees.)

Kaikohe Show was raised but Denis advised Shaun looks after this.

Interclub Competition 18th October at Whangarei.    Start time 7pm and please bring a plate for the potluck meal.

Task Sheets:

This exercise was quite a challenge but all good for learning more about camera settings etc.

Jill then showed us the ProShow presentation she had made, showing the great weekend six of us had at Mimiwhangata.    It was a wonderful photography weekend.

The images for the monthly subject Wildlife-No Pets were then viewed, some obviously coming  from the Mimiwhangata weekend.    The endangered native Dotterell making a great subject.

Doug then showed some of his images taken when he was away on his sailing trip to Vanuatu.     Wonderful colours is what stood out in these images.   Beautiful lush greens of the bush and every colour you could imagine in the clothing.

Our next meeting on the 8th November will be our last before the AGM on Thursday the 13th December.  Could all trophies be returned to the November meeting.   This is important so we can have the engraving done before the presentations at the AGM.

The subject for our last monthly meeting on the 8th November at Kerikeri, is Panning or Blurred Subject.

Shaun also advised there is a Kaikohe Citizen’s Hall meeting to be held on Friday 2nd November at 1 pm at Tawanui Road.    All  interested are welcome to attend.

September Newsletter

Old New Images -  

We seem to have received all the old/new images that have been taken.   Thanks to everybody who participated in this project,  we can now forward them to Shaun for finalizing.

Because we have received the ‘odd’ comment that the Camera Club is not doing enough to satisfy everybody, our President has come up with a Task Sheet for all members to complete.    At our October meeting these images will be shown and critiqued, and by doing this we will all be learning.    Please note the penalty in the President’s report if not completed!

The Task Sheet is to be completed in a 24hr time frame, remembering the whole thing can be taken without going outside your gate.   Let’s get creative and actually see the possibilities which we take for granted every day.

Rotorua Competition –

Irene had printed all the selected entries for the Rotorua Competition.    These were handed around for all to see, and it was agreed our entry was something to be proud of.    Thanks again John for judging these.   We look forward to seeing how we compare with other clubs.

Human Element –

John also judged the Human Element images for the Interclub Competition.    These were sent away last Tuesday for judging.    This competition will be held on Thursday 18th October at 7pm at the St. John Ambulance Station, Western Hills Drive, Whangarei.    It is a ‘pot luck’ dinner so everyone please bring a plate.

Shaun questioned the restricted time line on our images which are entered into our monthly competition.    After a general discussion, it was agreed the restricting date of  images be removed, unless required for a particular competition.     This was moved by Wally Bowater and Seconded by Shaun Riley.

Our speaker this month was Ross Armstrong who came up from Whangarei with his wife Diane.    Ross showed us his amazing underwater images taken with mainly a macro or fisheye lens.    As this was something new to most of our members, we found it most enjoyable.

The images entered this month for our ‘Abandoned’ subject were good to see.   Thanks to all those who participated.

Next month the subject is ‘Wildlife (not pets) and in digital form.

Our next meeting will be at Kaikohe on the 11th October 2012.

August Newsletter

At our August meeting Lynnis showed us many of her images she has taken while out in her kayak.    This gave us all a great insight into the many interesting trips she does all around our most scenic coastline.    Thanks Lynnis for making this such an interesting presentation.

We then went on to watch the monthly/open images.  The subject this month was ‘Portrait using window light only,  including window or part thereof.’     Some good images once again, and the one that stood out had been sent in from John Aish who is in Canada at present.  The subject and the lighting were excellent, so we look forward to more images being sent in from that part of the world.

Doug will be back next meeting, and we can look forward to seeing some of his images.  

The Inter Club Competition will be here very soon, so a good time to start giving this some serious thought as they have to be in PRINT this year.    Human Element is the subject.    We do not know a date as yet as to when they have to be in, but it could be as early as September some time, so please everybody start getting some ideas together.

The 2012 Northern Regional Interclub Competition will be hosted by Rotorua Camera Club this year.   I will send all the details in a following email.   Let us try and get EIGHT images for this Interclub Digital Salon.    The small number of images we had presented for the Treena Packer Salver was very disappointing,  so let us see if we can do better with this one.

Our next meeting will be at Kerikeri on the 13th September, 2012.

July Newsletter

At this meeting we had another excellent presentation given  to us by Jill.    Jill had put many of her ‘China’ images into a ‘ProShow’ presentation which made  for a most enjoyable show to watch, even down to the appropriate music.   Thanks again Jill for all the time you obviously put into it.   We all enjoyed it so much, Vin has suggested we see it again at the AGM, which is a great idea.    Therefore, all those that missed it this time will have a chance to see it then.

We then went on to watch the monthly/open images.    Not as many as we would have liked once more, but with everybody that did partake putting their own slant on ‘Shapes and Tones.’

Next month the subject is Portrait using Window light only, including window or part of.    Remember these images can be entered into the ‘Trophy Competition’  as well, but of course they will then have to be in PRINT form.

The next meeting will be at Kaikohe on the 9th August, 2012.

June Newsletter

The Treena Packer Salver was discussed.    It was disappointing the lack of images entered into this competition, but John duly chose the six best.

Jenny Atkins then gave her presentation about this years PSNZ Convention which she attended.    Thanks Jenny for making this a most interesting evening, giving us many interesting points to think about for the next convention.    Everyone enjoyed the images Jenny took while down South, many of which were really outstanding.   Thanks again Jenny.

There were some very interesting images in this months competition – Two Images Merged.     The most outstanding was entered by Irene of ‘Gabriel being driven out of the tide.’    Very original and very humorous.

Next month’s subject is Shapes and Tones which Doug has elaborated on in his President’s Report. 

The next meeting will be at Kerikeri on the 12th July.

May Newsletter

Then and Now Project – More images were presented.   This project is slowly taking shape, but still more to do.

The meeting this month was most enjoyable with everyone present taking part.   All members will have received an email on the Treena Packer Salver Competition, which is for six images on Nature Photography for Clubs to enter.      All present agreed this would be a good competition to take part in.    Therefore, please sort through your best nature images (or produce some new shots) and send them to John as ‘jpgs’ no later than the 31st May.   John’s email address is     They must be nature shots taken in New Zealand and its off shore islands.    To read all the rules and regulations pertaining to this photography please go to

Lynnis suggested a Club Trip for all those interested, to go down to see the Artwork on Alan Gibbs property in the Kaipara.    If you go into the ‘Alan Gibbs’ website, you will see what a great  place this would be to test our photography skills.   It was decided Sept/Oct would be a good time to go unless we get a spell of good weather through the winter months and then go at short notice.    Anyone interested, please email Lynnis so we can get some idea of numbers     

Roger suggested a Club Trip on the SS Eliza Hobson, the steam launch which runs between Paihia and Opua.    This also sounds a good outing for all those interested, but good weather would also be needed, maybe Sept/Oct again.

The presentation for the night was from Dean Wright which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.    If you would like to see more of Dean’s work go to      A letter of thanks has been sent to Dean.

Next on the agenda was the showing of this month’s subject – Forest Scene with Vignette if required.    Not quite so many had been entered this month, but still good to view.

Next month’s subject is Two images Merged (double exposure)    Doug has covered this in his report, also giving a website to give us more inspiration.

The next meeting will be at Kaikohe on the 14th June where Jenny Atkins will be giving a presentation on her trip to the PSNZ Convention this year.

April Newsletter

Then and Now Project – Irene and Doug have been busy and have presented some images for this project.    Anthony emailed to say he had taken some, but was not 100% happy, so will redo them.    I have done the same, but I’m sure I can do better, so will try again.    Vin has emailed me one he has done in Russell, so it is all starting to take shape.

Wharepuke – On hold until Jill gets back from her photography trip to China.   I have booked Jill in for our June meeting as I am sure we would all love to see some of the images she has taken.    

Judge’s Critiquing – Everyone agreed the new critiquing method seems an excellent way to go.   The question was asked ‘How can we relate the old method with the new’   ie.  How many points would be needed to attain an Honours?    The judges have commented you cannot give ‘Honours’ on a points system as so many other factors come into this equation.

The following gives a rough estimate on the other gradings.

Approx. 47 points out of a total of 59   =  80%   In the vicinity of Highly Commended

      “      40            “                “      59   =  70%              “              Commended

      “      35            “                “      59   =  60%              “              Merit

      “      30            “                “      59   =  50%              “              Accepted

New Website 

Images that are put on the website “Best Pics” page will have the Photographer’s name – The title of the competition -   The month and the year. There will be no comments in the monthly albums.

The subject of ‘watermarking’ our images that will be put on our website was raised.   Irene has advised that at this stage the site has been made so none of the images can be downloaded.   If anyone does a screen snapshot of any of the images, they would result in a very low resolution photo – no good for printing.   However, if anyone wants to watermark their images for extra protection that is fine.     Any formal portrait images should have the signature of the model or signature of the parent/guardian of any children before being placed on the website.

The presentation for the night was  from Denis on Lightroom and Photoshop.    Even though it was a small number attending,  it made for a good meeting with lots of question being asked.     

Next month’s subject is Forest Scene with Vignette if required.    As time ran out Doug has given more information in his President’s Report.


The yearly subscriptions are now overdue, so it would be much appreciated if you have not paid to get this money to Alan just as soon as possible.


Our next meeting will be on Thursday the 10th May at Kerikeri.

March Newsletter

New Website

As you can see from the above, Irene has got our new website up and running.    Thanks Irene for all the hard work and time you have put in, plus all that you are still doing.    Thanks also to Alan for our new Logo.    We are now starting to look quite official.

Present at our March meeting:-   Jill, Roger, Dot, Alan, Coral, Irene, Denis, Claire B, Vin and Doug.

New Member:-   Anthony Evers.

Welcome to the Club Anthony.   Hope you enjoyed your first meeting with us,  and will be back for many more.

Apologies:-   Lynnis, Delwyn, John A,   John P,  Shaun, Heather and Wally.

Matters Arising From February meeting.

Then and Now Project.   Doug read through the ‘Grant description’ as set out by the FNDC, giving us a clearer picture as to what is required.    The following is an excerpt from the Grant literature which spells it out clearly.

“The Project starts with the collecting,  from a variety of sources, a number of old photographs.  These are then allocated to participating members and/or other participating non members who are then charged with the responsibility to return to the scene of the original and obtain as near as is possible, a photograph of that scene from the same spot.   This is a test of observation, orienteering, and interpreting the light conditions that pertained at the time.  It may entail several visits to capture the effect desired.   This image will then be matched to compare with the original for the exhibition.   Both photographs will be mounted similarly for exhibiting at the chosen venues.”

Next we looked through the ‘Old’ images, with members taking what is appropriate for them.   It was decided the majority would be printed in a 5” x 7” size, as two images this size will fit on an A4 sheet.   The majority will be printed in Black and White with a few  in colour.

Wharepuke .  All members felt this exhibition would be beneficial to the Club and it was agreed ‘The Best Images’ from the Club would be better than a set subject.    Jill suggested an Opening Night might be appropriate, inviting family, friends etc.  plus the News Media to get it off the ground.    Jill agreed to make enquiries re holding the exhibition in September, with a suggested time length etc.

Judge’s Critiquing.  Doug has added a comprehensive list of critiquing criteria with his President’s Report this month.   This will be of great assistance to us all in critiquing our own images, but I will follow-up by contacting the PSNZ to ask for any further assistance they can give us to help the Judges.

General Business.

It is great to see the amount of images being entered for the monthly competition.   Doug suggested we keep the viewing time of these to a minimum,  as we will go through them all again once they have been judged (with the Judge’s comments attached.)   More time will be taken going through the Open images, as these will not be judged, but critiqued by all on the night.    Constructive criticism is always good to hear, giving us other options as to how the image could be improved.

Ways to Improve Our Website.

Irene showed us the Website she has been working on for the last few weeks.   It was agreed by all, that the layout Irene had chosen was just superb.    A dark background with lovely bright images etc. on the opening page.

Jill proposed we accept this new look, which in turn was seconded by Claire B.

Claire then moved that Irene oversee this transition along with the continual updating of the site.   This was seconded by Jill.   

Denis agreed to check out some of the initial set-up requirements.


Denis had collected up all the Logos that had been presented for viewing.   Thanks to all who had taken the time to come up with some great ideas.  It did not take long to decide which Logo the Club would adopt, as one stood out from the rest.    Congratulations Alan for the unique Logo you designed.    It was agreed a few words taken from two other designs be added to Alan’s Logo, and the final result can now be used.

It was moved by Coral that this be accepted and it was seconded by Jill.

Claire Buckley then presented her Portrait Images.    Thanks Claire for a most interesting presentation.    You have shown us all, we do not need a lot of expensive equipment to procure brilliant images.

Competition Images .

(Unusual Perspective) and Open Images were then shown.   It is always exciting to go through these and it was a comment made by Jill that “The standard of our images has really improved.”   This is always good to hear from one of our Judges.

Doug then went over next months subject – Landscapes with Lead-in Lines.   Doug had down-loaded a Website with great example images.  This should help us all for next month’s competition.

Our next meeting is on the 12th April at Kaikohe.

February Newsletter

Present at our February meeting:-    Doug, Coral, Dot, John, Heather, Irene, Roger, Denis, Jill, Claire B, Wally, Shaun, Alan, Grace, Jenny, Diane and Claire G.

Matters Arising From AGM

Shaun advised he still requires many more before/after images to fulfil our commitment for the grant we received from the Creative Communities Funding Scheme.   It is up to each and every member to partake in this exercise, and time is of the essence.

Our offer from Wharepuke Art Gallery was deferred to our March meeting due to a full programme this month.

Matters Arising from Committee/Sub-Committee meeting.

The change of format for our monthly meeting was read out (A copy of which is attached to this newsletter) followed by a five minute Question Time.


Vin gave his presentation on the workings and benefits of the PSNZ.    Vin enlightened many of us on the finer points and one of the benefits being a substantial discount given when attending any of the Conventions.   Vin felt the conventions were well worth attending and the workshops associated with these were very beneficial.    He went on to explain how to apply for a Licentiateship (LPSNZ)   the starting point of the Society’s honours ladder.    Any financial member of a Club affiliated to PSNZ can apply for an ‘L’     You do not have to be an individual member of PSNZ.

General Business.

John asked for a letter to be written to the PSNZ to see if we can get some clarification for ‘Judges Standards.’

Ps.    A website has been forwarded to the judges for their perusal (written by a PSNZ member.)   This website covers many aspects of judging, but if this does not cover all that is required, the PSNZ will be contacted directly.

It was bought to our attention that we are not covering all aspects of digital imagery.    Doug has covered this in his ‘President’s Comments.’    I am also pleased to advise Doug will be writing a ‘President’s Comments’ each month, and these will be attached to this monthly newsletter.

Our next meeting will be at Cherry Park House, Landing Road, Kerikeri.   7pm start

on the 8th March, 2012.